Bernie is running for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2016 Presidential Election.  This is a fan-supported page with info about him, his ideals, and voting resources for all.

Whether you find yourself a Liberal or a Conservative, one thing most people can agree on is that Bernie Sanders is a man of his ideals.  He does not, and has not ever allowed what is "popular" to influence his feelings on all topics, especially controversial ones.  Sanders has been fighting for LBGT, women, and minorities since the early 1990's when he first took office.  It didn't matter to him what was popular, all that mattered was what was right.  He has continued with his impeccable voting record since then, never swaying, never faltering.  How many politicians can you say that about?

The data I am providing below is primarily gathered from  Following this link will connect you directly to his profile for a full breakdown of every vote he has had since he entered the political scene.  Additionally, has been nice enough to provide links to his quotes on every issues, comparative issues between candidates, and media video files when available.  I highly suggest you visit there, it is an exceptional website. Below I have provided a quick summary of his voting points.


Budget & Economy

Civil Rights





Energy & Oil

Families & Children
Foreign Policy
Free Trade
Government Reform
Gun Control
Health Care
Homeland Security

Principles & Values
Social Security
Tax Reform
War & Peace
Welfare and Poverty

Below is a Short Summary of Sanders' Voting Results

Clicking each topic will bring you to's website to give you a summary and explanation of the topics if available

Hopefully you have clicked the above topics to learn more about them, if so, I invite you to take VoteMatch Quiz.  It helps to match your ideals with those of candidates.  Pro-Clinton?  You might be surprised!  The link provided is NOT a poll, it uses no cookies, no tracking, and does NOT record results.  There is no signup required, it is simply a tool to help you match your ideals with the right political candidates.