Bernie is running for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2016 Presidential Election.  This is a fan-supported page with info about him, his ideals, and voting resources for all.

Just two days after the announcement of his Candidacy, Bernie Sanders has raised more money than Republican Candidates.  That is saying a lot considering the average donation he received was less than $45 per person.  This is what happens when someone worth fighting for comes along.  People rally, they donate, they support, and they smile.  What does it tell you about other candidates when a man who accepts zero donations from Wall Street or Super PACs makes more money than those who to?  I know what it tells me, it tells me I am not wrong in thinking this man is exactly what our country needs.

But back on topic.  I've compiled some (nowhere NEAR all) quotes from Bernie's Senator Facebook page.  I know not everyone uses social media, so I hope I can spread his message even to those who don't.

Quotes worth Quoting 

A Sample of My Favorite Bernie Media Clips

While the above quotes give a firm sense of his stances, you really need to see this guy in action.  It is not uncommon for him to leave his opponent flustered and trying to find words.  As the younger generation of the Internet today would say - #rekt.  Below are some of my personal favorite Bernie clips.   These and many many more can be found by checking out Bernie's Official Youtube Page.  I know after watching his videos, I am quite literally counting down the days until debates.